This is a blog on everything related to popular music from the West and East. Whether it be Pop, R&B or J-pop: I've got'cha covered! New songs, info on artists, music videos, music reviews, it's all here at Random J pop! I'll always try to cover a wide spectrum of artists, but will gravitate towards my faves who include (but are not limited to): Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Hikaru Utada, Namie Amuro and Crystal Kay. But you will find others. So fear not about this place being a stan shrine to those lovely ladies.

Music reviews
Singles and albums are not safe from the words of Random J! Every week I'll review one mainstream western release and an Eastern one (mostly Japanese releases, but this doesn't exlude Chinese or Korean). These are not always newly released albums. But if a new high profile album is released, then I will try to review it and post it for ya ASAP.

New music
New, long awaited songs from popular artists on both sides of the Atlantic. These songs can be played from my blog and I will not give download links to these songs. If you want download links, head somewhere else - because I'm not trying to get my blog shut down by record labels.

Bonus material
Unreleased songs, bonus tracks, remixes and B-sides will fall under these posts. These are not always brand new. So don't be surprised if a relatively old song gets posted under this. This is just a nice and cool way to amass the songs that perhaps didn't reach the masses due to not appearing on particular editions of albums, appearing on singles nobody bought, or not releasing at all.

All of these sections can be accessed via clicking on the label under the specified posts or via my sidebar to the right.