Single review: OK Go! x Perfume - I don't understand you

OK Go! x Perfume - I don't understand you | Single review

Perfume appeared in one of Ok Go's videos and so Ok Go then appeared in one of Perfume's. So it wasn't much of a surprise that the two groups decided to collaborate on a song, marking one of the first time's that either group had ever done a musical collaboration that has been committed to a studio recording and been released.

There are many similarities between OK Go and Perfume visually, so it's no surprise that two groups eventually converged from opposite ends of the earth. But musically, there is no correlation between them. So the thought of them doing a song left me full of intrigue into how it would sound. The end result is just a complete mess.

Album review: Wonder girls - Reboot

Album review: Wonder girls - Reboot | Random J Pop

Whilst the Wonder girls have long been the darlings of K-Pop, the ones destined to go the furthest and break the most barriers, they have continually been plagued by false starts, sitting on opportunities for too long, personnel changes and a crisis of identities. Reboot could not be a more fitting title for a Wonder girls album off the back of all of these things. Whilst the Wonder girls history should be remembered with adoration, everything truly starts with this album. Signalling a new energy, a new focus and the best representation of the group to date. The Wonder girls have finally arrived.

Listen to... Britney Spears featuring G-Eazy - Make me

Britney Spears featuring G-Eazy - Make me | Random J Pop

After derailed Britney's streak of hits with Britney Jean and Britney inadvertently slammed the final nail into the coffin of Iggy Azalea's career with "Pretty girls" - Britney's been pretty quiet on the music front and has instead been focusing on shuffling around the stage of her Las Vegas for her residency.

But 2 years after the release of the dismal Britney Jean and a new perfume to flog, Britney is back with a new single. "Pretty girls" was a false start ya'll. THIS "Make me" joint is THE new single. Expect "Pretty girls" to end up on the forthcoming album as a Japanese bonus track. Shout outs to Ariana Grande's "Focus".

It's official. Hikaru Utada will be dropping a brand new album in 2016.

Hikaru Utada to release her long awaited 8th studio album in September | Random J Pop

With the release of a new single in June, a new album was inevitable. But now it is 100% official. Hikaru Utada will be releasing her 6th Japanese studio album, her first studio album in 8 years on September 28th.

Details on the album are thin on the ground, but none of this matters. The fact of the matter is that Hikaru Utada dropping a new album this year, that I will be referring to as the U testament.

The album is confirmed to feature her 2012 single release "Sakura nagashi", as well as her 2016 double A-side single release "Hanataba wo kimini" and "Manatsu no tooriame" Yep. Hikaru Utada will be featuring a 4 year old song on her album. It's like "Colors" all over again. I would say that the song should be revamped, but the song is damn near perfect as it is. Pah. Rightly so that the song should feature on the album, because it's a damn good song. Just as "Colors" was.

♪ Clash and Mariah, go back like Adobe liquifiers ♪

Mariah Carey gets liquified for Clash magazine | Random J Pop

Mariah, the Photoshop chanteuse graces the cover of Clash magazine, sporting a far coat, a body suit and Adobe's liquify tool in full effect.

Mariah has lost a lot of weight over the past few months, but she ain't that skinny. I think it's quite sad, because Mariah is by no means 'fat', she just never dresses appropriately for her shape. Mariah has stayed wearing the same types of dresses and outfits in her mid thirties to late forties that she was wearing in her late twenties when she was flogging her Butterfly album. This would be fine if Mariah, was the exact same body shape and size or if she actually had a decent sense of style. I rarely recall a moment when I've seen Mariah and thought her look was on point. I think the "Honey" and "The roof" videos were about as close as she came to getting that from me.

Music video: Namie Amuro - Mint

"Mint" is what we could now call a pretty typical Namie Amuro song. It sounds like it could have been plucked from any album of hers from Play onward. But I'll be damned, I really like it.

It's been a while since we have had a break-off anthem from Namie. And not only did she deliver one, but she went one better and delivered one about getting it put on her by a black man. Chocolate chip? Honey milk? Gurl, you ain't fooling nobody. Namie be about tasting that rainbow. She's been tasting it since 2000.

The video is pretty much everything you want from a Namie Amuro video. Namie looking like she really don't wanna be shooting no video. Namie not giving the dance routine a single fuck. Namie standing around like the HBIC.

Britney Spears' 2016 Billboard music awards 'performance'

You would never guess it by watching her current performances, but the Britney used to light up a stage. Despite being a game veteran, Britney's on stage demeanour and movements are not what you would expect from a woman who has been in the game for almost 20 years. Shuffleney moves around the stage like some second rate performer, void of energy and lacking the sharpness she burst onto the scene with in 1999. But despite that, she still tours, racks in money and performed at the 2016 Billboard music awards. Bless her.

Music video: MNEK - At night (I think about you)

If you have not heard of MNEK as an artist, then there's a high likelihood that you've heard songs that he's co-written: Madonna's "Living for love", Kylie Minogue's "Feels so good" and Beyoncé's "Hold up" to name a few. But yet, with these credits to his name and 4 solo singles into his career as an artist and he's still yet to catch a hit. Somebody get Keri Hilson on line 4.

"At night (I think about you)" is a good single. One of MNEK's strongest. Although as per all of his solo material so far, it doesn't have that X factor to really make it stand out and go all the way commercially. This is in large part due to songs such as this being in abundance on UK radio. They all sound the same.

The closest popular act I could compare MNEK's music to would be Craig David. But then look where his career ended up. Time will tell whether he will ever truly break out as a solo star or if he's destined to stay behind the scenes as a songwriter or a producer. Either way, MNEK has a career in music to enjoy. And to have the song writing and production credits that he has at the age of 21, a couple of flop singles really ain't shit.

Uzoechi Emenike. I'll be keeping my eye on you boo.

Mini-album review: Tiffany - I just wanna dance

Mini-album review: Girls' generation's Tiffany - I just wanna dance | Random J Pop

Tiffany has long been one of the few girls in Girls' generation who can hold a song, but not a great deal about her ever showed any promise as a solo break off act from the group. Sure, she can speak fluent English and she gets a fair amount of sections in songs. But nothing about her has ever been bold or audacious enough for me to see her in the light of a solo star. Which is why it came as a surprise to me that she put out a solo EP.

Music video: Calvin Harris & Rihanna - This is what you came for

I was not a fan of "This is what you came for" when I first heard it, but it's grown on me in a big way over the past few weeks. It's a nice remedy for fans who felt that they were cheated out of such songs from Rihanna's 8th studio album Anti - which was void of any obvious singles and threw pop by the wayside.

Single review: Crystal Kay - Sakura

Single review: Crystal Kay - Sakura | Random J Pop

Crystal Kay's 11th studio album Shine was an absolute mess. So I was all for Crystal keeping it moving with a new single releasing a mere couple of months after it. That was until I heard it, only to discover that it sounds like a song from Shine. So you may want to dash those hopes of yours into that same dustbin where Spin the music lives and Shine will be getting real cosy in.

Music video: Tiffany (of Girls' generation) - I just wanna dance

Despite Tiffany being one of the few members of Girls' generation that can sing, I never thought for a second she would her ever releasing something solo. Stupid of me? Quite possibly. But "I just wanna dance" is a really nice song, which adheres to the resurgence in neon 80s pop that is rife on the mainstream charts, but without sounding like it's desperate to emulate.

I laughed when the song title was announced, because Tiffany's dance moves are about as smooth as a dump truck. Even in this video, whilst the editing is admirable, it's very clear that Tiffany is not one for dancing.